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Houston Wedding

Looking for an alternative to the Houston photo booth? Butler Events has it. Introducing our newest member of the team, the #Printer. With the #printer, your guests are the photo booth. How it works is simple.

1. Your guests use their mobile devices to take photos all around your event.

2. Your guests post their photos to Instagram using your #eventhashtag.

3. The photos posted automatically get sent to our #Printer where guests can view and take home their own branded print.

If you want to drastically increase the engagement of your event goers, we can have all your guests' photos instantly populate onto any projection or TV in the party.

If your looking for affordable event entertainment and keepsakes for your Houston wedding or event, this is it. Click here for more info. Pricing starts at $299 for two hours and is at a discounted rate of $100 per extra hour. Contact us at to book you Houston #Printer.

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