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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Dance Floor is Packed

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Want to keep the dance floor packed at your wedding reception? Here are a few tips to help you have a great time dancing at your reception.

1. Have a smaller dance floor

When you have a huge dance floor it can appear empty, even when there are a lot of people dancing. Smaller dance floors help the place look full faster, increasing the energy level in the room and giving shy guests the courage they need to join the fun.

2. Turn the lights down low

A dimly-lit dance area works best and gives poeople the courage to jump on the floor. Keep in mind that daylight lasts pretty long in the summer months and outdoor weddings creat a great dance scene.

3. Keep the hall doors closed

Busy hallways can be distractions for your guests. Redirect their attention to the dance floor by closing doors that lead to gathering areas outside the room.

4. If you have a bar, locate it inside the dance room

The dance area should be the focal point for your party. Guests leaving the room for drinks can’t hear the music and won’t be able to dance if their requested songs are played. Placing the bar in the room keeps guests within listening range and able to respond to their favorite songs on the dance floor.

5. Play requests

People like to hear familiar music and dance to their favorite songs. The more your DJ honors song requests, the more likely your dance floor will be filled. Find a Houston wedding DJ that always takes requests. At Butler Events, we always take requests and want people to have a good time.

6. Keep “do not play” lists to a minimum

You may have a lengthy list of songs you don’t want to hear, but those may be the tunes people are waiting to dance to. Allow your DJ to play the songs that will bring people to their feet, and you and your guests will enjoy a livelier party.

7. Limit your “must play” list

It’s always fun to hear lots of your favorite songs at your party, but playing too many takes time away from familiar and requested songs that others are anticipating. Your DJ can sense the crowd’s mood and decide what songs will get people dancing. Generously share your music time with your guests, and watch them respond in kind on your dance floor.

8. Put the DJ right next to the dance floor, not in a corner or out of the way.

In order to do his job well, your DJ must be located where the party action is, not separated from the dance floor by tables, walls or other barriers. You and your guests need easy access to him for announcements and song requests, and he needs a direct line of sight to read the crowd. 9. Hire a Great DJ, and then trust him

Each party has its own personality. Some guests may pack the dance floor right away; others may need a little more time to warm up. An experienced Wedding DJ has played to every type of audience and knows what works.

10. Get out on the dance floor and DANCE!

Your friends and family want to see you have a fantastic time and will take their cues from you. If you and your groom are enjoying yourselves on the dance floor, your guests will want to be there, too!!

If you are looking for a Houston wedding DJ give us a call at 713-825-4326 or shoot us an email at

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