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What The Czech Is A Kolache?

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When asked to DJ the Hruska's Kolache annual kolche fest, we were more than excited! Being from Texas, we are all about the kolache tradition. If you're not from Texas you may have never had the pleasure of eating a kolache. A Central European pastry iconic across the Lone Star State, the kolache is prized for its soft, pillowy dough and its versatility: kolache fillings range from the sweet to the savory. And some fillings, like cheese, even possess qualities of both.

We owe the enjoyment of this fluffy yeast roll to the number of Czechs who immigrated to Texas in the 1800s, and while there's nothing more authentic than enjoying a kolache in the great state of Texas, Provo City dwellers can now savor kolaches on the go at Hruska's Kolaches on Provo Center Street.

The Bakers at Hruska's Kolaches are up before sunrise Monday though Saturday to begin baking a variety of kolaches. Hruska's Kolaches is known for its unconventional kolache fillings, such as cream cheese, sausage and gravy, ranchero and even pulled pork. You may purchase them individually or by the dozen.

If you havent had the chance to swing by and enjoy some kolaches, we highlty recommend it! Thanks again to Hurska's Kolaches for giving us the oppurtnity to be apart of the 2014 Provo City Kolache Fest!

Hruska's Kolaches

434 W Center Street, Provo UT​

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